With summer 2018 drawing to a close we hope you will stop into Big Bottom.

Market as we prepare for the fall season to toast to the great weather we have in the months of September and October. For our out of town guests may we suggest staying with our friends at boon hotel+spa or AutoCamp. 

This Week’s Community Dinner
Every Wednesday from 6:00 PM until we run out of food Big Bottom Market hosts community dinner. For $14 you get a unique vegetarian meal with salad nestled next to a piece of our famous biscuits. You can add meat for $2 and grab a glass of the Market bubbles, red or white for only $5.

This week we are serving up baked vegetable pasta with Mom’s marinara sauce. We can easily add our house made meatballs if you’d like to “make it meaty”.

Catering and Events 
A friendly reminder that we offer cering services and are well known in Western Sonoma County for our amazing bag lunches and delicious biscuit bars. Visit BigBottomMarket.com http://bigbottommarket.com to learn more about what we offer and if it’s your first time ordering you’ll receive 10% off.

Biscuit Mix and Honey
Oprah loves our biscuit mix & honey and we think you will too. Visit our online store today to place your order. One you’ve baked the biscuits send us a pic and we will post it to big_bottom_market on Instagram and tag you. Follow us and we’ll follow you.

Baker’s tip: add your favorite sweet or savory treats to create your own specialty biscuit. We recommend about 1/3 cup of any additional ingredients, it is best to limit the extra ingredients to two or three individual items.

Order, bake and send your images our way!