Heidi Schulte is one of Guerneville’s favorite community members and the focus of this week’s 20 Mile Radius. She has lived here for more than 10 years and in that time has amassed a fan base and grown her skincare business beyond waxing and facials. We decided to sit down with one our town’s favorite mompreneurs to learnabout her business and more.

When did you open and why? 
I moved here from Oakland and found that there was very little to offer in Guerneville for skincare services.  In my pre-Guerneville life I worked in cosmetics for 10 years and wanted to translate that experience along with my love and passion for beauty into a career that would bring new services the community.

You went from June Bug Skincare to just June Bug Skin & Body. Why?
Well, over the last few years, I’ve been expanding services from just facials and waxing, to massage, spray tanning and now eyelash extensions. It has been so exciting to see how my existing and new customers are responding so positively to each and every new service we bring in and the expert team that has become a big part of June Bug Skin & Body

What services do you offer?
Right now we offer full body waxing, massage, chemical peels, customized facials, microdermabrasion, special occasion make up, eyelash extensions and spray tanning.

You were recently diagnosed with breast cancer and are going through a second round of chemo. How has this impacted your business?
Chemo is a lot harder than I thought it would be and I am so touched at how much support I have received from the community. The best way people can continue to support me is to support the business and the amazing team of women and men that are working with me through my treatments. This experience has also opened my up to new services that benefit patients diagnosed with cancer and other illnesses. In my quest to

continually expand and improve business,  I plan on taking courses in oncology aesthetics. Offering services to men and women who have/had undergone chemo is a niche that not many people have tapped into and I am excited to add these services to my list of treatment options.

Tell us about the other women that work with you and what they do.
We have a wide range of massage therapists that are trained in a multitude of modalities.  Our other amazing aestheticians include Grace, who’s passion is skin care and facials. Her precise touch and style of creating a “melt away” experience, is truly unique.
Suzanna’s presence and energy will immediately initiate relaxation. She brings several years experience to each and every service. She thrives on continually learning and giving each client the “WOW” experience that they have never had. I encourage people to come in and work with either or both of these women to help enhance beauty and feel amazing.
In your opinion, what are the must have products every girl and boy should have? 
We use the Image Skincare line of products and also sell Oakland based,Tu’el skincare and a variety of local made retail items My daily go to’s include Prevention Plus SPF 50, Vital C Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum and the Max Serum.
What are the things someone should do every morning when they wake up and right before they go to bed? 
In the morning, drink a full glass of water.
Stretch your back and sides and feet.
Tell your spouse/ significant other/ animal that you love them.
In the evening it is time for rejuvenating and repairing.
Cleanse with the appropriate formula.
Treat things like hyper-pigmentations or acne. Ot what I call giving your skin the 1-2 punch.
Always hydrate and moisturize the face, eyes and neck.
Use a hydrating complex to give your lips fullness and a voluminous appearance.
And before you sleep give a kiss to the one you love.


To schedule an appointment with Heidi visit junebugskincare.com or call 707-494-2674.